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The Organic
Creative Process

Thank you for expressing an interest in my work. If you want to know more, read my book Accidentally on Purpose: Reflections on Life, Acting, and the Nine Natural Laws of Creativity, published in the USA by Applause Books.

My work, the Organic Creative Process, is based on my perception of the Natural Laws of Creativity. It evolves from where the Method, and other systems, and the great teachers like my father, Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler, left off. This means that the actors' training (or of any artists development) must develop the actors natural, intuitive, Talent, Imagination, Spontaneity, and Intelligence, the world everyone recognized and revered, but that none of them defined. I do. An artist needs all his/her natural capacities developed, while learning to clearly perceive, and become deeply involved in, the imaginary world. Making the invisible world visible, an actor creates and expresses his or her conscious vision of life in his or her art. Because, an artist has something to say about life. I recommend that you see other teachers' work; it will help you understand how different mine is.

When I was growing up, my parents taught me that talent always finds a way to be discovered. But, many successful actors and artists in history were not recognized as being talented when they began. And, many commercially successful actors aren't particularly good or talented. Many people, including talented ones, give up, don't work hard enough, are not discovered, never discover themselves, are made to feel incapable and untalented by a teacher who isn't for them (despite how good either or both of them is); Or, are discouraged because what they learn doesn't develop their talent and their intuitive creative process. What basis and criteria do you, or someone else, use to judge your capabilities, and your potential for success? I believe success is achieved through desire and determination. Talent, being good at what you do, is a personal need, a desire and a choice for excellence. There is no professional standard, or rule, that measures or equates material success with artistic success, or a good creative process.

Main Introduction

The Nine Natural Laws of Creativity