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strasberg acting

Intensive Workshop
Teachers, Directors & Actors

Workshop for acting teachers, current or future

Send me a paragraph telling me what you think you would teach.

What do you think is the most important quality for a teacher?

Why do you think you would be, or are, a good teacher? What qualities do you have that help you to teach? What qualities do you have that interfere with your abilities?

What do you look for in a student?

Do you teach an organized, structured method of work? Or, do you teach each individual by discovering what they need, and want, to learn? What techniques do you rely upon to teach?

The course will be conducted through ongoing conversations over particular texts chosen by Mr Strasberg that will be discussed as part of developing the teacher's ability to teach Organic Script Analysis ©. Organic Script Analysis will give the actor the ability to understand and develop the logic of behavior of the character, using his feelings, and ability to become deeply involved in the imaginary world that the actor will create and develop using OSA. It frees the actor relying on emotion and charging up with feeling in order to act, so that feeling and emotion become pleasurable realities, that result from the actor's ability to become involved in an imaginary world. We feel because we live. Most actors create emotion in order to live. But, in life, we feel because we live.

There will be several scenes that will be presented before the group, either by actors who are not teachers, and/or teacher/actors participating in the Teachers' workshop. Mr. Strasberg will be working with the actors, developing their Organic Creative Process, which focuses on the basic technique of knowing yourself and knowing how to use yourself. And, the actors' understanding of the play and character, and the choices they make that focus their work.

When meeting with Mr. Strasberg, teachers will question, comment, and critique the work, developing their ability to define their own teaching process.

The Intensive workshop will develop the teachers' understanding of what their own techniques are. How they will develop the actor? What will each teacher teach?


  • Do you like the person you are teaching? Should you like them?
  • What do you think they can understand and learn?
  • Can you define what level of talent they have?
  • Does their imagination function well enough that it can help them to become involved by being able to perceive and focus on specific realities in the text?
  • What can you do to teach them to discover what focus will help them to become involved?
  • Do they have good intuition? Can they trust it?