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strasberg acting

The Nine Natural
Laws of Creativity

Spontaneous Inspiration

The quality that defines life is spontaneity. Any good creative process has moments of spontaneous inspiration, flashes of insight, great ideas, sudden-understanding. I don't know where it comes from, but everyone has to understand that all successful creative processes are accompanied by these moments.

When I was inspired and did what I dreamed acting was, I wasn't doing what I had been taught, It was intensely personal, but it wasn't MY life. I went beyond, my habits. I didn't forget who I was. I focused on a dynamic, imaginary world, creating a new life that synthesized real, and imaginary, realities.


Imagination is fundamental to creativity. With Imagination, one changes reality. Every technique anyone teaches, or needs to learn, in the creative process, depends on how much imagination one has, and whether one can use it, focus it on realities that ones talent perceives in the characters life.


Talent is simply the natural capacity to perceive reality. Talent expresses what it perceives by creating a new form of life. Simply put, talented people perceive and express realities the rest of us don't see.

Intentional Dreaming

Dreaming while you are awake, discovering the essential realities in the play, intuitively and consciously; in what I call the personal dream space, is my favorite part of the creative process.

Focusing on putting yourself in another human beings world, so that you can think about life from the inside of the character. Then, and only then, do you begin to understand the characters life, and be able to discover realities you choose to focus on. These realities draw you into the world you imagine. Learning what to focus on is one of the hardest techniques of the creative process to master.

Organic Thinking

Intelligence, real, organic thought feels different from intellectualized thoughts that are distanced from feeling and intuition. Real thought is a sensation that you learn to recognize. You aren't thinking about acting techniques, or making a plan representing your ideas of the text. Real thought involves you in whatever you are thinking about.