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strasberg acting

The Nine Natural
Laws of Creativity


Your deep involvment enables you to Transform. Whether you actually become someone else, or are simply going beyond yourself, and the habits of thought and behavior you are comfortable with, remains to be understood. It doesn't matter. Either way, you create a new life.

Sense of Truth

The Sense of Truth regulates the entire Creative Process. Without the Sense of Truth, there is no way to know what is real. You begin to trust yourself; like an athlete. You become your best friend. You integrate your growing perceptions of yourself, and life, with your expanding knowledge of plays and characters. Your Sense of Direction develops, and you begin to recognize the feeling you have when your real thoughts and intuitions are on the right track.

Love and Determination

These are the most obvious laws. Success is only possible when you have Love and Determination. Only with love and determination can you overcome your fears, doubts, and solve the problems that are normal to encounter.

Mastering the process doesn't mean you will always create a work of art. Nothing guarantees that you can create a work of art. You can become highly professional, where, even on a bad night you play the play well.

It's a strange reality, that actors experience pleasure when they suffer; when they choose to experience what their character lives. You suffer, in the negative sense, when you are not experiencing what the character is living through.

Hopefully, like an athlete, you learn the difference between good pain and bad pain. And, that success is the process itself; accompanied by a feeling of profound pleasure.

Art is a conscious and intuitive process. Learning the laws and the basics of the Organic Creative Process take one to three years, mastering, seven to ten. A master devotes his life working and learning; like in any domain of human endeavor.

Your process evolves through an interactive dialogue with me; before, during, and after the scene. Your interpretation and individuality evolve effortlessly; invention is natural. No two human beings are exactly alike. After all, an artist has something to say about life. And, an actor in a moment of inspiration is a living work of art.