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Acting Workshop

Rules & Information

Some Rules and Information for
John Strasberg Studios Intensive Workshops

Classes (Saturday 9am-3pm, Sunday 4pm-10pm, Tuesday 5:30pm-11pm, Wednesday 5pm-11pm) and Intensive Workshops (Monday-Friday 10am-4pm, or 4pm-10pm) take place at John Strasberg Studios, 555 8th Avenue, between 37th and 38th street, suite 403. Subways at 42nd Street, 1, 2, 3, 7, A, C, E, N, R, Q, W, exit 40th, 41st or 42nd street, walk west to 8th Avenue, turn left and walk downtown two blocks.

There will only be short, five minute break between scenes, so plan ahead.

  • Maintaining your place in the class is based on your commitment. Actors work every week. You may only work one scene per class, unless I know beforehand some reason to work twice.

  • Any audio or video cassettes or recordings that you are permitted to make of your work and the comments in class, are for your personal use and study only. Showing or listening to these recordings for any other purpose, or any use connected to work (such as producers, directors, agents, casting directors, teachers, etc.) is strictly prohibited.

  • Please arrive early, so that we may start as close to 10 a.m. as possible. If a scene is in progress, enter quietly, and wait in the back.

  • There will be a short break between each scene, for changing the set. If you need time to prepare, do it during, before your scene.

  • There will be no lunch break. Bring food and drink. It must be eaten in the entrance way, or outside the door. There is no eating or drinking in the theater or during scenes. Eat outside, or in the back.

  • Leave the theater cleaner then you found it.

  • You will have to bring any props and costumes you need to use.

  • There is minimal furniture available.

  • Please stay at the end of class, and help clean the theater, and put everything back in place.
Additional Advice

Every actor should have several scenes and a monologue that you are preparing to work on, so that in the event that your partner cannot come, you have work that you are ready to do. You should be discussing these possibilities with the other actors in the class, so that you are involved and prepared.

  • Observing work is how you learn at least half of your craft.

  • If you arrive after a scene has begun, wait until there is a break to enter.

When you work, put back the furniture and props where they are stored. Objects are alive. Respect your work space and the materials as any artist does. They are part of your creative world. Be prepared to bring some props and costumes for your work. At the end of class, clean the props you use, and clean up your garbage, too (coffee cups, etc.).

On the days you are working in class, prepare in advance; during the preceding scene if you need to, so that you are ready to work. There is generally a five minute break between scenes, during which time one scene cleans up, and the next installs itself. Time is precious. Knowing how to get ready, and being ready to work is a fundamental part of a good creative process.

Love and Determination make work harmonious and pleasurable, alone or when collaborating. Pain and suffering are a fundamental part of living. It's your choice whether it's good pain and suffering, because you are changing and developing, or pain and suffering because you lack will and discipline for the pleasure of trying to reach your goal.